Wednesday, November 16, 2011

第五十八課 Chapitre58

It's been long since my last post~ as always~ = =" ahaha~ well, anyway, it had been 2 months since I've been here in California~
The weather is now getting much colder as it is Fall season... and not for long, it'll enter the winter season LOL

Besides, I'm finally entering 20's .. hooray~~!! haha~ XP not much of celebration~ well, can't demand too much~ besides I've been a total jerk these few weeks~ thanks though for the people who celebrate my b'day though, i know not all of them would really wanna celebrate it~  
and as usual, like any previous b'day, i'll buy myself my own present and this year i'm getting myself Scandal's cd collection~ though i'm not much of a fan, still I'm happy getting them for myself... 

These few weeks also been rough act.. i've become moody and moodier~ haha~ a lot going in my mind~ oh well, can't help it~!! haha

oh, i really need to stop now, its getting late, plus, i got classes and quizzes tomorrow ~! 

i've been thinking to change my blog platform~ its getting pretty boring here in blogspot~ XP oh well, for the time being, i'll use blogspot~

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

第五十七課 Chapitre57

Finally after 3 whole week~!! lol~ since we landed in LA~ XP   lots of things to tell yet to lazy to type it

I'm finally studying abroad like most of my friends~ ^ ^ i'm super happy~ so far, my life same old same old???~ student life~ but~! things getting tougher and tougher ~  man, i really need to focus and study more harder~ 

words can't even express of what is going all around me~ haha~

what? taking pictures?

haha~ well, i done some of those , but mostly i'll do the recording stuffs that are happening all day long here in Pomona~

ahh, that's all for now?? haha~ i'll try find my will to write even longer entry~

Saturday, August 13, 2011

第五十六課 Chapitre56

Grammarが正しいかどうか分かんない。 XP


悲しいです TAT

*~これから英語で使う~* (beginning here all will be in English)

anyway, i'm glad to have my chance to fly abroad and pursue my study in mechanical engineering.
what did i write above? lol.. something came out of my mind, something so nostalgic.. its back when i learn Japanese language as my third language. though i'm not that good and act. began to lost bit by bit the ability to talk and write in Japanese. (i dare say, the statement above contain so much grammar error~!)

i'm really hoping if there's Japanese students in Cal Poly, i would like to make friends with them and try once again talk in Japanese. It's the fact that knowledge is too priceless and i wouldn't like to see it go away from me.

As for now, do pray for my success in getting my visa~
i'm not that good when it comes to English conversation or so, but i would want to make my self much more better. 

and friends "WHO CARE" and help me a lot during my studies, my application, my payment, visa etc. , i bow and thank you to you guys for always supporting me.

(some know and some dunno where they stand in my eyes, though i'm pretty sure i did make myself clear who help me and who doesn't..  just sayin' and don't keep it in your heart. you know how i react and response.. sorry)